Soul Signature Light Language Picture

(recorded translation included)

Sarah's pictures are truly powerful.

A rare opportunity to have your own unique personal light code hand drawn and interpreted for you .


While in a sacred space I tune into your pure Soul essence and channel your unique light language code. This is the purest version of your earthly energy and will have a profound effect on your life.


Each picture takes between 5-8 hours to complete and will include a recorded psychic translation of the Light Language. The process is sacred and can't be rushed. The pictures develop in their own time and are usually posted within 2-3 weeks of ordering.

Due to very high demand there is currently a longer than average waiting time for the pictures. Please be patient and trust that you will receive your unique Light Language picture at the perfect time for you. 

What will your energy look like in Light Language Code?

Light language healing

These drawings will assist you in remembering your life purpose, reawaken your innate skills and talents, plus helping you to connect with your Spiritual and Star Being teams. Placed in an area where you will regularly see it, the coded picture will enable the vibrational frequencies to soak into your subconscious mind in a powerful and deep way.

All pictures come with a recorded translation reading. These provide a detailed explanation of the picture plus all the psychic information I receive.

You can hear what one lovely client felt & experienced about their picture in the video below.

Light Language Soul Signature Testimonial. 

Kirsty Kianifard - Wellness Business Coach