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Soul Signature Code Picture

Soul Signature Code Picture


These are hand drawn high vibrational pieces of art. Each one individually channelled and filled with energetic encoded light language.

When tuning in, I receive your unique light codes representing your pure Soul Signature essence. These Light Language codes will activate a remembering within your whole being, like a key unlocking your original divine blueprint and pathing the way for transformation and deep healing.

Light Language Soul Signature pictures are powerful tools for change. People often get quite emotional when first seeing their own unique Soul Signature as it’s the purest and most powerful version of their earthly vibration. It’s the same as viewing yourself as a new born baby, without any trauma or programmed behaviours dimming your natural light.

Once placed within your space the picture will emit high vibrational energies to the surrounding area, lifting the vibes for everyone to benefit.

Regularly seeing the code of your original blueprint will assist you in finding your path back to your divine self. Helping you remember why you came to earth at this time and your souls’ purpose.

These artworks are powerful tools of light and can create astonishing changes and opportunities in your life.

Due to very high demand there is currently a longer than average waiting time for the pictures. Please be patient and trust that you will recieve your unique Light Language picture at the perfect time for you. 


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