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Sarah's clients share their powerful and emotional experiences from receiving a 'Soul Signature' Light Language picture. 

I have never, ever, got something so personalised, so powerful and something I will treasure so much at the insane value that Sarah is offering this for. She clearly has a powerful ability to translate people's energy into phenomenally stunning images. It absolutely blew my mind. I have totally no qualms in recommending Sarah. She is phenomenal at what she does and if you're looking for something really special for yourself, or someone else, you are just not ever going to get anything like this. Thank you, Sarah. I absolutely know I will treasure this forever. 

Kirsty Kianifard - Owner of Uniquely Organic EcoSpa & Business Coach.

It was just amazing, it was just spot on! Completely where he was in his life at that moment. The picture just described him, it was him down there on the paper. It's his essence, it's him and it feels so personal. It's amazing, it's just amazing. You are amazing Sarah and you have no idea how amazing your gift is. I think more of the world should know about this and when they do you're going to be super busy. We both got incredibly emotional when we opened the package and saw the picture for the first time. It brought an energy with it that changed the whole feeling in the room. I believe there are codes in the picture that are for your highest good and it just felt very, very special.

Nicola McCarthy - Holistic Healer and Coach

Opening the picture really, really had an impact on me. So much so that I just felt very emotional and I cried a little bit.

Sarah is super, super talented and she knows what she's doing. Her readings are so accurate. The drawing is just so beautiful, impactful, well created and well designed.

Sally Garozzo - Rapid Transformational Therapist & Menopause Mindset Coach

My name is Valentina and I had the privilege to receive from Sarah my Soul Signature. I cannot tell in words how much it’s been serving me in reminding me every day who I am, and what I am here for, especially under those very intense months, where we have been challenged. It has been so important for me to know that whenever I would wake up, I could take a look at my Soul Signature picture and find my inner peace, balance, and sense of purpose. It takes time to feel all the benefits of the picture, because it’s filled with so much information that each day I discover something new for my personal growth. Thank you Sarah for giving me the opportunity to see with my naked eyes who I am through the picture!

Valentina Auliso - Energy Healer & Teacher                                                

Healing Testimonial Valentina Auliso
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Light language feedback

I have had various different types of healing from Sarah over the years. I've never met someone so grounded and yet so connected as Sarah. She is straightforward, solid and strong, yet incredibly in-tune to the higher realms and Spirits, that's quite a rare quality. Her ability to sense and work with energy is just magnificent. I always feel significantly more aligned and back on track after a session. Whenever I need guidance I ask Sarah and together with her Light Language and oracle cards I receive the right message for me. She has literally never failed to empower and support me. 

Holly Lyon-Hawk - Holistic Funeral Director

Sarah created a light language soul drawing for me. I have to be honest , I had no idea what it was really, how it would look or how it could work for me. Immediately when I saw it, I felt a deep connection. It almost said a thousand words about my history with star beings and my place on this earth. It may seem far out there, but I’ve always felt that my soul comes from a place far away and that I didn’t really fit in here. My chart or drawing shows to me why I am here, and how I am connected to the stars, especially Sirius. Since I have been working with Sarah’s drawing, things have sped up for me. I am receiving clearer intuitive guidance. Things seem to be falling into place perfectly. I am connecting with my guides much more easily too when I am doing energy healing.
I can’t recommend Sarah’s Soul drawing enough, they are definitely worth working with and I can’t wait to see how things evolve for me . Thank you Sarah xxx

Mrs L Blount - Sekhem Energy Practitioner

light language reviewer

I had the pleasure to work with Sarah and she is truly an amazing wise soul. Sarah has unique gift and ability to tune into your energy and take you through the veils of the infinite to uncover the gifts waiting for you in the quantum field. She has helped me to connect with my guides and travel through time and space. Sarah also did an energy reading for me and was able to transcend the heavy energy into peace and feeling at ease with the situation. It's a truly exceptional gift to guide one into elevated frequencies when one is too engaged in the situations of life and can't clearly see what is out of alignment. I am really excited and truly looking forward to receive my Light Language Soul Signature Portrait

Elena Green - Owner of Nine Oaks Retreats

Sarah's healing was a unique combination of modalities I'd (thought I had) experienced before and some I hadn't (personal light language) all making for an incredibly powerful, nourishing and enjoyable time spent with her. She's sensitive and intuitive to a level I've never experienced before, and I've worked with a good few gifted healers, and she got my subtle energy moving in a way none had ever before which felt great. Such an expansive session, while rooting me firmly downwards, which I much needed. I appreciated Sarah's summary of what was going on for me energetically, it was spot on and something  I've really taken on board. Thank you Sarah, a truly wonderful and potent healing.

Mrs P Ludlow - Yoga Teacher

light language written testimonial
light language reviewer

Sarah is a very special soul. She is so kind and intuitive and understood what I needed even more than I did myself. Sarah made me feel completely comfortable and completely heard and she explained what she was doing throughout the session. Afterwards, I felt clearer and more grounded and keen to return for further healing. If you are interested in energy healing I would thoroughly recommend Sarah, and her wonderful gifts.


Helen Rose - Administrator

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