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What is Light Language?

How will it help you?

light language

When it became clear that Earth needed some serious help lots of advanced souls from all around the universe started incarnating on Earth. There are different names for these highly sensitive and loving beings, including 'Lightworkers'. Lightworkers are people who help anchor higher spiritual light into the planet. They often become energy workers, healers and counsellors as they have natural empathy and love helping others.

Starseeds are souls who identify more with belonging to other planets and star systems. They just know that the earth isn't their home and often have a difficult time adjusting to the massive polarity difference here.  

Since these beings started incarnating on earth there has been a massive increase in all types of Spiritual healing techniques or vibrational and energy healing, using the subtle energy bodies to help individuals clear any blocks and past life karma. Light language is just the next step in these powerful quantum healing techniques.

I explain a bit more about how it can help you in the video below. I'll give you a heads up though, it can help with pretty much anything that is troubling you.

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