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I definitely wasn't expecting that to happen...

Updated: May 15, 2021

There's no getting away from the fact that life in January 2021 is tough. People will be experiencing many different types of challenge but everyone is experiencing dramatic change in their lives. Loneliness, illness, job changes, loss of hopes and dreams, challenging relationship dynamics, worry and a whole load of stress.

I know that if you're reading this you're a sensitive soul and will be picking up a whole extra load of the collective consciousness from your empathic nature and sensitive abilities to tap into the subtle realms. What you may or may not be aware of is that there is past life triggering occurring...

Lightworkers have been through this before. You probably have felt your whole life that something big was going to happen in your lifetime. Like me, you may have had numerous 'end of the world' dreams and fears. That's because we were all there at the fall of Atlantis. The similarities are clear! Due to having these memories as part of your soul you may also have had a deep knowing that you came here for this very specific time in history. It's our time to step up and be seen. Earth needs the Lightworkers more than ever now. We need to stop hiding and share our healing gifts, our alternative ways and our unique ideas. We need to start spreading our healing gifts as so many people will badly need support and spiritual counselling.

That's why this time last year I made a decision to really push myself & become more fearless. I needed to stop hiding my gifts out of fear and worry about what people would think and just 'get over myself'. My new motto has been 'To constantly live on the edge of my comfort zone'. So that's what I've done and the results have been clear.

The biggest fear I had was about public speaking. So, I decided to start showing up and speaking on my social media pages. You can see some of my first attempts at speaking on camera here:

I also got invited to talk on BBC radio about my 'End of Life' work and gave a speech on stage at an Inspiring Talks event. It's so interesting how opportunities suddenly seem to appear when we let ourselves become open to new energies.

(By the way if you want to know more about what I do as an End of Life Doula you can find out here: )

It felt like real physical pain before I started to speak and I was just so ridiculously nervous yet I had this strong energy pushing me forwards to do it and I knew that I literally had no option other than to just get on with it. I always remember a teacher saying to me years ago that my biggest gifts would be hiding behind my biggest fears. Another fear I wanted to overcome was the fear of my past. I've had a unique set of life experiences. I wanted to share some hope with people over the Christmas period as I knew so many people couldn't be with their families. I have come to believe that there is always some good in bad situations.

So, I shared a story of my worst Christmas ever. That meant I'd be ticking off two of my fears at once (thanks for the high five Mr. Rose), speaking publicly and overcoming shame of my past. Check out the video below and find out what the surprise was and how a very small act of kindness had a massive impact!

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