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Even Healers Need to Heal too!

I took a few days out and went to a retreat!

Last week I took a step out of my normal life and went to a wonderful retreat to reset, repair, and rebalance!

I was facing a stressful time in my life, I was feeling overwhelmed and couldn't seem to find a solution.

Taking time out of my everyday life gave me the opportunity to gain a new perspective, escape outside influences, and recenter my thoughts and emotions!

My time away allowed me to reflect and gain a higher perspective on my lifestyle, which made all of those worries and stresses seem really small and manageable!

It’s so important to recognize when you need to take time out and to put yourself first!

A lot of us serve others in our everyday lives whether that be work, clients, friends, and even family which can become overwhelming and stressful! These distractions make it easy to lose sight of our path and what’s important!


It's so important to remember that healing is a life time journey, there's no quick fix! It doesn't matter how much spiritual healing, meditation, or yoga you do, life is always going to get in the way and give you lessons!

As star seeds we have often have chosen lifetimes to clear lots of karma, so we can often have a challenging life with lots of 'problems'.

But, if we start to view these 'problems' as lessons this can help to make our journey more positive and less overwhelming, it's just how we choose to perceive them!

So, I just wanted to send out a reminder that it’s okay to put yourself first, take time out if you need it, and do what YOU have to do to heal!

Because everyone's healing journey is unique and individual 💜

I’m sure many of you saw my Instagram stories of my time in the retreat, and my Instagram post where I speak about the importance of giving yourself time to heal and finding a new perspective.

But if you missed it don't worry, check out my Instagram here!

So if want to know more about my healing journey, and how you can find unique healing methods that work for you, click the link below!

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