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Using Clubhouse as a healing tool!

Updated: May 15, 2021

So I’m guessing a lot of you have heard about the new app called Clubhouse. It’s a mixture between radio and podcasts. There are various rooms you can join covering every topic under the sun and you have conversations with other people about that topic. There is no video involved, just a little profile picture of the individual and you just all chat together.

While checking it out I went and listened in a few rooms and they were all very different to be honest. The first one I found was of a lady giving birth, the first clubhouse birth was the title. And there were hundreds of people giving this lady birthing tips and advice, it felt nice & supportive. Another room I went in was for business advice. There were lots of males in there, lots of egos and that was quite a different vibe altogether. Mostly, I found I preferred the smaller rooms with other spiritual females chatting together and it’s been amazing.

I’ve realised that in order to be able to confidently speak Light Language and to share the message of this amazing Galactic healing modality to the world, I need to permanently and completely get over my limitations & fears so I can learn to be able to confidently speak in public. For more info about my Light Language work check out this page :

As it felt safe & because it’s not recorded and nothing is permanent on Clubhouse, I decided to push myself and decided to step up, speak up and talk on app.

The first time I attempted this I had planned a question to ask the room host, I had it all sorted in my mind. Suddenly I got a message on my screen saying that the host had invited me up to the stage to speak. Instantly I felt really panicked . It was that feeling of being put on the spot and instantly all my public speaking fear and pain came back in a wave of very uncomfortable physical sensations. My mind went blank, my breathing got fast and it felt pretty awful.

Fortunately I’ve learnt and picked up a few techniques now & I know how to manage my energy in unexpected & panicky situations. That meant I was able to get past those uncomfortable feelings and put them to one side, something I was never able to do in the past, and it actually went pretty well. I felt proud of myself and how much I've managed to overcome in my life.

So, I’ve discovered that I can actually use Clubhouse as a safe & powerful healing tool for my personal growth.

From being able to use it as a healing tool I gained enough confidence to set up & host my own Clubhouse room based on the topic of Light Language & spiritual chat. I’m pleased to say the first session went incredibly well. The fact that I was hosting the event meant I had no option except to be professional, I had to hold my nerve and amazingly somewhere during that hour my fear turned to enjoyment & speaking in public about Light Language actually felt quite nice.

I'll be hosting regular shows on Clubhouse from now on. Talking about all different aspects of Light Language and spiritual topics. My user name on there is @thesoulspeaks and I'll be posting updates of my chat times on my Instagram account here :

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