The Universe reacted !!

Most of us know what we need to be doing. Keeping a positive mindset as well as healing our negative beliefs and bad habits.

The problem is that we don't know what we don't know. We may know that we've healed a lot. We can see results of our own healing journey and know we're a lot better than we were a few years ago. Unfortunately can be really hard to recognise some of the behaviours and thought patterns that we hold so close that feel a part of who we are. It's just our personality isn't it?

For me it was always about my confidence. I had always known I could heal and work with Spirit. I just didn't really didn't want the rest of the

world to know about it too, until 2020 !! The main gift from 2020 was pushing the Lightworkers step up. We were needed. We are so needed. If we didn't step up now, then we might as well do something else. So, I decided I had no choice, I had to get over my confidence issues and start sharing my knowledge and healing gifts with others in a much bigger, and public, way. It's actually very easy to know where to start with your personal healing. The best place to start is with the thing that fills you with the most fear. Your biggest gifts are hiding behind your biggest fears. I know that's not what you want to hear, but I've learnt that it's so true.

So, I started speaking in public, I started making videos of social media, I just pushed past my feelings of absolute fear and my vulnerabilities. Knowing that I was doing it to be able to help others was the push I needed. Knowing that my Light Language was such a powerful tool that needed to be shared is what got me through.

An interesting thing happened when I started pushing myself past those cosy comfort zones. The universe responded. Totally unexpectedly I started to be contacted by people asking me to be interviewed on their podcasts. It almost felt like a test from the Universe. As if it was saying " Aha Sarah, you're starting to feel confident about speaking in public are you. Are you sure about this ? Here's a live online interview to see how serious you really are!" Therefore, in the last month I've done 3 interviews . I'm so proud of myself. I never thought I'd be able to say this. Plus, I feel calm about doing them nowadays.

Here's a link to my latest interview. I talk to Denise Mange from Pet Prana about Light Language and how it can help us and our animals friends. You can also find it here on my website:

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