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Pleiadian Starseed

The Quiz results show that;

You're most likely a Pleiadian StarSeed 



Hey there, joyous & free Pleiadians

The original free spirit. You are fun loving, kind and love nothing more than to lift other people up. You will go out of your way to help others, even at the cost of your own wellbeing. People find it easy to be around you as you're always keen to take your friends on a fun adventure. You are probably deeply sensitive and very intuitive with a deep knowledge about the truths of how our reality works.

A classic people-pleaser, if you were supported during your childhood you can easily release difficult emotions when crying. Unfortunately, if you didn't have a very supportive emotional upbringing you may suppress your emotions to avoid conflict, and can feel criticism very deeply. The Earth can seem like a strange place for you.

I have drawn you a special and unique Light Language code to help you feel more comfortable in expressing your free spirit and playful personality. It's just below. You're so great at going with the flow and keeping active but sometimes you may find it hard to switch off. You can be a bit of an emotional sponge and take on other people's emotions easily.

I know that a personal Audio recording of a unique Light Language message will be a great way to support you. You are so sensitive to sound vibrations that this form of sound healing will be easily absorbed by your energy type.
I'll tune into your energy field and unique StarSeed vibration and record a Light Language transmission just for you to listen to, as often as you need. This type of healing has a profound effect on your physical, emotional and astral bodies and brings you back into alignment with your purpose and mission here on Earth. Just follow the link below.

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