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Personal Light Language Audio

Listen to the sound of your Soul

A personal Light Language audio message to support a return to your divine energetic blueprint. Plus, assist your physical body to prepare and anchor in the new light coded energies.

Language of light healer

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We can set a certain intention for the flow of Light Language energies, maybe a particular issue that has been troubling you. Abundance, health, relationships or connection to higher self.  Or we can just let it flow and trust that the energy codes you hear will be the perfect ones for you at this time. 

Regularly listening to your recording will cement the energy firmly into your energy body. These work at a much deeper level than our conscious minds, therefore we don't need to try and understand them. These powerful vibrational healing tools will facilitate the gentle removal of blocks to your divine self. 


When creating the recordings I begin by getting into a meditative state and then create a sacred space so I can begin to channel the high frequency Galactic Light codes. I then connect with my client's energy field and ask for assistance from their spiritual guides and helpers. Once that safe and supported container has been established I will start to record the personal Light Language audio message. 

Once completed I will then send this recording to you to keep and listen to again and again. 

PRICE: £79

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