Much love, Sarah x

Do you fancy travelling around the galaxy picking up cosmic knowledge from the different Starbeings? 
They'll help you to activate your soul's full potential
and fearlessly show up in the world, sharing your
unique light gifts and magical self.

Come on, let's do this!

are you done with hiding your sensitive starseed qualities and are ready to fully become a spiritual rebel?
(You know this part of you has been trying to get your attention for years) 

You're in the right place if:

  • You know there's much more to you than you're allowing others to see
  • You know the Spirit world is guiding you but you can't clearly decipher its messages
  • You're eager to put in the work
  • You're ready to break out from traditional ways of being and live by your own true values
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Are you ready to fast-track your spiritual journey?

This ultimate 12-week online spiritual experience will boost your soul development, by using new high vibe healing techniques to channel your inner healer and unlock your unique spiritual gifts.

Working closely with Sarah and 4 different Starbeing races you will be supported and held, gaining a feeling of safety to grow and expand beyond anything you've known before. 

Work through your blocks and limitations in four channelled modules. Be taught by star beings who are ready to guide you on how to make spiritual connections, let go of trauma, activate powerful light codes, and how to courageously reveal your true, authentic self.


You will leave this course with clear visions of your ideal life and feeling more like YOU than ever before!

VIP Client Testimonial

"I embarked on The Starseed Activation

course with no expectations hoping that

it was what my soul needed and would

respond to. I have been pleasantly

surprised and positively blown away

with all the information, tools and

support the course and Sarah have

provided to help me progress and ascend.

If you feel there is something else

out there, that your soul speaks to

you wanting to be heard more,

this course will help you to

help yourself, giving you tools to

clear past trauma, connect to your

ET aspects and guides and learn

to heal yourself. I recommend highly."

~ T.M 2021

Light Codes are like cheat codes for life! (1).png
Light Codes are like cheat codes for life! (2).png
Night Sky with Stars


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Module 1


Learn to open up & connect to spirit

The Pleiadians

feel your guides

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Module 2


Clear past life 
blocks, trauma,
limiting beliefs

feel free


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Module 3


Activate your
light codes &

feel connected


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Module 4


Courageously dream
your life into


The Pleiadians

My unique combination of light language, spiritual

and personal development tools, plus all my energy medicine knowledge has been designed to give you

the confidence to live life truly aligned with your authentic, creative and magical self.

What's stopping you?

The Starseed

Course only

3 monthly payments of £165

Connect with your Star Guides

 12 weeks
Galactic wisdom

What's included

  • 4 x Activation zoom sessions with Sarah

  • Soul Signature Light Language picture plus translation

  • Energy & Light language Activations

  • Personalised Soul support

 modules by:

  • The Pleiadians will ground and develope your spiritual connection

  • The Sirians will clear whats holding you back mentally, energetically and from your past lifes.

  • The Arcturians with activate your light signature & healing gifts

  • All Modules are divided into bite size lessons.

  • The Andromedans will give you the courage to fully share yourself with the world.

  • A variety of initiation exercises to increase your psychic and healing gifts.

  • Unlimited WhatsApp support 

  • Soul journeys & development execises

  • Personal Light Language support

  • Access to new content as and when added