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Travelling Starseed

The Quiz results show that;

You're most likely a Travelling StarSeed 



Hello, you're a rather special breed - Travelling StarSeeds

Galactic nomads, roaming the Universe the Travelling StarSeeds have seen and done it all. Picking up tips and tricks from every different Star system in many different Galaxies. You have so much wisdom to share. It's likely that you have had so many different lifetimes on so many planets that you have characteristics of them all. This is a unique and powerful position to be in.

You will probably have had a strong knowing that you are from the stars since childhood, that this isn't your true home, and you feel quite uncomfortable on Earth. You may not understand the duality of the Earth plane and be truly shocked at some of the harsh behaviours some humans exhibit. It all just feels so alien to you, how can humans hurt each other so badly.

It's common for Travelling Starseeds to feel disconnected to their bodies and struggle with maintaining energy levels. You may experience physical symptoms which the doctors can't identify. I have drawn you a special and unique Light Language code to help you deeply understand that the Earth is a safe place to call home.

As you have a great sense of freedom but struggle to anchor that energy into the Earth, I know that a personally recorded Video Light Language Transmission would be a perfect tool for you. It will help return you to your pure original blueprint. Having blocks in our energy can prevent us from accessing and unlocking our ability to heal at a cellular level and it's important to regularly clear these. To find out more just follow the link below.

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