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Sirian Starseed

The Quiz results show that;

You're most likely a Sirian StarSeed 



Hello, gentle Sirian StarSeeds

You have such a calm and nurturing vibe around you that attracts others to you easily. 

You originally come from Sirius B which is a non-physical water planet. It's full of dolphins, whales & mer-people. It's a very high vibration 6th dimensional reality.

You will probably have a strong connection to the water element and instinctively know the healing powers of the Oceans. It's also common for Sirians to have an interest in the stories of Atlantis & Lemuria.

Being near the sea just eases your soul and brings you a deep sense of peace. It also helps you to see the cycles of life easily and to have a deeper spiritual understanding. Although sometimes you may lack confidence in your innate skills and lack self-belief. 

You usually have an open mind about most issues and easily see both sides to a disagreement. You're open minded and uncomplicated, enjoying a simple straight forward lifestyle. Sometimes you struggle to see why others dress up issues as you can be very pragmatic and serious, at times. It's just a part of your matter of fact nature.

As a child, if you were nurtured well you will be able to express your feelings easily and let them flow through you. On the other hand, if you had a challenging upbringing you may repress your feelings, and fear being angry as you can explode when pushed.

Sometimes you get easily bored and struggle to follow up on tasks. A real daydreamer and someone who loves to be creative. 

I have drawn you a special and unique Light Language code to help you feel more grounded on the Earth and help you focus. You will find this Light Language code below, where you can also download it for your continued healing. 

An extra way that I can support your flowing and free energy is by offering a Light Language Energy Healing session.  This will be a great way to anchor your energy fully into your physical body and the Earth, find out more about them on the link below.

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