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Manifestation Light Code Grid

Manifestation Light Code Grid


The Manifestation Light Code Grid is a hand-drawn light language picture that uses encrypted light codes to manifest qualities that you desperately need or desire!


Choose from a gold or multi-coloured light language code background and personalise it with one of Sarah’s hand drawn symbols that will help to manifest a quality that you need more of!


Do YOU want to manifest these qualities into your life?


  • Connecting to Galactic Energies 
  • Supporting your Body Through Ascension
  • Protection
  • Remembering Happiness 


You can personalise your light language key so that Sarah will draw the light code symbol based on your request!


By displaying this coded picture where you will regularly see it, you will be exposed to vibrational frequencies that will enable you to absorb the desired quality in your subconscious mind in a deep and powerful way!


Your Light language key will be personalised with the shape that you choose!


Each shape has unique properties that will make your crystals grids more directed to the abilities you desire more of:


Which shape resonates with you the most?


The Gold Triangle:


The Triangle helps to unite the mind, body and soul for the most powerful transformation!


Choose the triangle if you want to connect to a higher wisdom, increase your psychic abilities, improve creativity, or even manifest your ideal life!


Using a triangle grid helps you to elevate your perceptions and connections to higher levels of consciousness. It is also know to be useful in enhancing energetic frequencies which can help to rebalance your mind, body, and spirit


The Multi-Coloured Circle/ Square:


The Circle, although it appears simple it holds a huge amount of power!


With no beginning and no end, the circle represents the infinite support of the universe which can increase constancy, stability, and wellbeing. 


Using a circle grid will help you to strengthen relationships, promote security and protection, enhance feelings of clarity and wellbeing, and increase inner peace


The Square, represents the world’s physical boundaries


Use this shape to help boost your inner strength and self-confidence in times of need, it also is a powerful protector that will help you to set reasonable boundaries


The Square helps to set and maintain personal boundaries, enhance safety and protection, build upon goals and dreams, and improve self-confidence!


When making your purchase please use the custom text box to explain what you would like manifested in your light language key!


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