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Light Language Healing 1-2-1 Session

Light Language Healing 1-2-1 Session


Do you want to clear the negative energies that are holding you back in your spirtual ascension journey?


Get that magical shine back into your life and feel reconnected to your purpose.


You just need a deep spring clean of your energetic system.


Using Light language is the fastest and most powerful way i know to do this. 


We all hold on to old energies that won't be serving us anymore, it's not always easy to spot them for ourselves as they just slowly blend into our reality. 


Over time if we don't address these energies they will start to cause us harm. They may manifest as poor health, low thoughts, anxiety, lack of motivation. 


In this exclusive 1-2-1 session, Sarah will help you to clear any negative energy that might be holding you back from acheiving your goals.  


Sarah will go down to the DNA level to clear out any stagnet or restricted energy flows, and remove negative beliefs, energetic implants, lower thought forms, or energy blockages. Basically anything that shouldn't be there will be removed. 


Sarah has been connecting with the Spirit world since childhood and is a natural healer and psychic.


She has transformed her life and overcome some very extreme life challenges with the help of her Galactic spirit team and the use of her energy mastery tools, and she can help you to do the same!


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