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Atlantis Past Life Clearing Meditation

Atlantis Past Life Clearing Meditation


The Atlantis Past Life Clearing Meditation is a channelled guided meditation which internally promotes personal clearing as well as extended global healing!


Sarah channeled this unique meditation directly from her Arcturians guides to help with personal and global trauma connected to the fall of Atlantis. 


The world is experiencing a similar time of great change now and many are feeling and remembering the soul trauma that occured during their past life in Atlantis. 


Starseeds have memories and past life energies carried over from their lives in Atlantis which may have manifested as fears of the world ending. Many people also experience manifestations in the form of Atlantis-related dreams especially in childhood such as dreams of the world ending from tsunamis and dreams of being the only one left alive after civilisations have ended! 


This meditation is carefully designed to clear any remaining fragments of energy codes that are remaining in your energy field which could be blocking or reducing the ability to serve humanity at this time of great termoil and change.


This is a two-part mediation which aims to delve deeply to clear personal energy and promote global healing!


Note: Once purchased you will receive an automated email containing the Atlantis Past Life Clearing Meditation! It may arrive in your junk folder. saving my email address in your contacts will prevent that.

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