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Lyran Starseed

The Quiz results show that;

You're most likely a Lyran StarSeed 



Hello,my courageous Lyran friends


Strong, determined and physical would be good words to describe your Lyran characteristics. Lyrans have a very strong link to feline & bird forms and often have many of their personality characteristics . Lions are thought to be courageous, loyal, protective and powerful fighters. Birds are very community minded & intuitive.

You're a natural leader and enjoy stepping up & being seen, if you feel it will help to guide others. It's likely you have a strong work ethic and won't stop until the task is finished. Plus, your fearless nature means you won't shy away from conflict and fighting for what you believe is right, a natural freedom fighter. You are definitely a 'doing' type of person who will get the job done whatever it takes.

I would expect you to be constantly seeking new adventures, pushing yourself and your body to experience new and exciting sensations. Using the strong connection that you have to your physically active body to achieve new heights. Thrill seeking & an adrenaline junkie, you are fearless and brave.

You have a big open heart and are a great loyal friend to have. Due to a love of all types of physical sensations many Lyrans have a flirtatious and cheeky nature. Settling down with just one person is sometimes challenging for you and monogamy could be tough. You just want to experience it all!

Pride is a strong emotion for Lyran StarSeeds, and sometimes it will catch you out. The Lyran race has spread out over many galaxies, planets and dimensions as unfortunately, your original home was destroyed. This has led to many Lyrans struggling to ever feel at home. You may be unconsciously searching for your home and never really feeling 'at home' anywhere. 

Below is the unique Light Language code I have drawn to help you manage the challenges Lyrans face with pride and ego, plus helping you feel a stronger connection to the Earth. 

To support you further I feel that a personally recorded Video Light Language transmission will be most suitable for your Lyran character. Your strong connection to the physical form, means that seeing the physical Light Language movements will be the easiest way for you to absorb the powerful light codes.  These videos have a powerful and profound effect on your energy system and can quickly help remove blocks in your field and bring you back into your divine energetic blueprint. This helps you get back on track with your mission here on Earth and following your purpose. Follow the link below.

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