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Do you want to feel deeply connected to galactic energies and multi-dimensional light beings ?

Expand your intuitive gifts and learn how to channel lightcodes?

Finally you will be able to fully unlock your energy healing gifts and fine tune your natural intuitive skills.

This is an exciting time to start replying on your authentic wisdom & expand into the stars.

"I learnt so much & have had some powerful deep healings from Sarah. I highly reccomend this course. D.Gisvold USA

" The course is completely unique. It's unlike anything you're find anywhere. Sarah is an amazing teacher. I see her as a Light Language doula, she really helped me birth my codes" N. McCarthy UK

"The combination of Sarah's creativity and psychic gifts makes for a totally new type of experience. I loved everything about the course & have told all my friends about it"

H. Rose Australia


Are you a spiritual rebel looking

for your next adventure?

Yet feel frustrated with hearing the same 'new age'

teachings being repeated around the internet.

You feel overwhelmed with everyone's differing

view point on what are spiritual truths and know

there must be a more direct and clearer way for

you to experience these truths for yourself. 



You know you can't wait 

anymore, it's your time now.

You're starting to feel isolated and let

down by the one community you once

thought understood you.

You have begun to lose faith on

your path. I know that you've done

the meditations, dipped into shadow

work and taken other courses.

You may not be new to spirituality,

yet you still aren't showing up and

sharing your light in a way you know

is possible for you.

 I totally get it, I've been there too. 

For so long I lacked belief that I had

any spiritual gifts worthy of sharing. 

Maybe you're similar to me. 

Deep down we do always trust in spirit and

know we'll be shown the way.

It's just frustrating with never quite getting the results we expected.

As Starseeds we seem to have a different set of universal laws. 

Everything changed when spirit led me to initiate my unique light signature, my own expression of light language codes.

I began to trust myself. I trusted that by sharing my codes in

my own unique 'Sarah kinda way' that would be the best,

and only way, for me to grow. 

I was right.


Light Language is an extremely pure high vibrational cosmic energy. It's the language of your soul and extremely healing. A bit like a 'galactic Reiki' if you like. Over the past few years many people have been activated by this frequency and are channelling healing light codes in many different ways and forms.


  • Spoken, written, sung, danced or drawn.

  • Everyone has the ability to use light language.

  • Everyone has their own unique light signature & expression. ​

This tool is available to everyone. It's been gifted to humanity at this time to assist with the global shift in raising consciousness. Sometimes people experience a spontaneous remembrance of light codes, but more commonly people need an initial activation into the it's field of frequency.

I've designed a brand new course for spiritual rebels who are ready now to turn up the volume and welcome in galactic light, just like you. I've combined my creative insights with my psychic gifts, detailed healing knowledge of energy medicine and lifelong contact with light beings to create 'The Light Activation' course.

Night Sky with Stars


In the new Light Activating Course, you will discover...

⭐️  Your unique and personal light code signature

⭐️  How to activate your spiritual gifts & personal light

⭐️ Exercises to unlock your light language codes

⭐️ Tutorials to reconnect with your spoken, drawn & physical light codes.

⭐️  How to develop a safe relationship with Starbeing races

⭐️  How to fine tune your intuition & increase your psychic insights

⭐️  How sacred geometry can deepen your understanding of the codes

⭐️  How best to share your personal expression of light codes with the world.

⭐ Light Language support transmissions and meditations

PLUS 8 channeled soul journey meditations and healing transmissions to

support you during the growth that takes place while completing the course.

What if TODAY you made the choice to fully experience your magical light!

What if instead of...

You imagine feeling...

Lacking  direction and feeling confused and alone on your path

Feeling overwhelmed by subtle energies and all the spiritual

rabbit holes


Relying on outside sources and gurus to find your truth.

Doubting your ability to connect and channel.


Knowing your have spiritual

gifts that just haven't quite activated yet.

Supported and guided, clear
of your purpose.

Clearly navigating the cosmic
energies with ease 

Trusting your intuitive
guidance,knowing you hold all
the answers.

Clearly expressing your own
unique light signature.

Confidently sharing your light
in service the others.
Night Sky with Stars


Gaining access to this course will give you...

⭐️ 7 new & unique modules covering all expressions of light codes. Spoken, written, drawn and physically. 

⭐Abundant teachings channelled by The Arcturians shared in a relaxed and self paced style

⭐️ Completely original channeled soul journeys downloaded by Starbeings to build a strong relationship with your higher self and Galactic team.

⭐️ Worksheets and downloads covering all learning styles to help you best receive Sarah's teachings and promote deeper learning 

⭐️ Immediate access to all content and lifetime access to new & updated material,


Enhance your light code adventures with

"The Light Activation VIP"

Deepen your experience and have Sarah as your personal guide with the VIP option. Sarah holds the frequency of a 'light activator'. Working with Sarah will accelerate your ascension and deepen your light activations. Receive exclusive and personalized tools to enhance your soul development journey...

In addition, to the "Light Activation" Course only content, you will receive...

⭐️ Exclusive 1-2-1 Healing support sessions- You will have two zoom healing sessions with me!

⭐️ Answering your questions - You will receive unlimited WhatsApp support for the duration of the course during my working hours.

⭐️ ​A unique, Personalized Light Language Key- to strengthen your connection


Hold on tight!


Light Language is an amazing powerful multi-dimensional healing tool. Yet for many the journey to fully open up to this frequency can be a quite a challenge. I'm sure you've already discovered that the Instagram image of healing with pink crystals and soft voices is far from what real healing is like for most of us. For me, its messy, uncomfortable, inconvenient and often involves a tear and a runny nose.

The light will illuminate areas within us that still need our attention. It's a deep process and we can't just opt out of the inner healing work, however much we try to avoid it.

But if you're reading this, I bet you're someone who doesn't shy away from life's challenges. In fact, most lightworkers have spent their whole life over coming massive challenges in order to heal and grow. We can choose to reframe this uncomfortable growth. Our shadow sides and fears can be seen as little personal gifts 🎁 towards our souls' expansion.

Many of us have been taught to doubt ourselves, not speak our truth for fear of judgement and stay small living life by someone else's ideals. Add that to our naturally sensitive humility and empathic nature and it becomes clear why it can be a challenging path.  Our rational minds may put up resistance and tell us we're going to end up looking silly or maybe even crazy. Having the courage to speak light codes publicly is a process.

Beware ! - Are you ready? The result of working with Sarah's high frequency energy and light codes is a powerful healing initiation.  Energetically you will be completely ready for this upgrade, or you wouldn't even be reading this. On a more practical level experiencing deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing is a challenge, for sure.  Being aware that this is a common experience helps you to ride the changes and the reason we're added a whole support module for you.


Personally, I love those kind of side effects so if you are you ready to

see an increase in synchronicities, let go of your past and initiate some

serious spiritual downloads, then take the leap!

  • What happens when I enroll? Can I start right away?
    This course is online, take-at-your-own-pace, simple video lessons and exercises. You can start watching the class as soon as you enroll. You do not need anything but a notebook, because you'll probably want to write some things down. You can go as slow or as fast as you need to.
  • Does my access run out?
    You'll have access th this class for as long as you need it. You get the class for life.
  • Can everyone channel Lightcodes?
    Yes, everyone has the ability to channel Light Language codes. We are all at different places in our spiritual development and some people may need to practise the exercises more than others. I cover all types of light code expression in the course as we all have our different communication styles. Some my find channelling with physical movement much easier than writing, or than making vocal sounds for example.
  • What type of support do I receive when I enroll?
    You'll have access to brilliant support via email. We are quick, thorough and kind. I love hearing from you all.
  • I'm a total beginner at learning about Light Language. Should I still enroll?
    Most people who buy this course are new to learning about Light Language. You can take this course with total confidence that you will feel engaged, supported, connected with, and sparkling with greater light by the end. I've been sharing channelled information that I've received from galactic Star beings with people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all levels of experience for many years now. You're in safe hands.
  • How long is the course?
    The course is filled with over 10 hours of teachings. There are 7 modules covering topics on: Who are Star Beings? Sacred Geometry Light Language - The basics Learning to channel Light Language How to draw a Soul Signature Light Language picture Light Language Exercises Extra support & activation meditations
  • I have a question I would like to ask before I enroll. How can i do that?
    Send us an email at We will reply to your question within 1 - 3 business days.
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