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Arcturian Starseed

The Quiz results show that:

You're most likely an Arcturian StarSeed 


Great to meet you Arcturian friends


I wouldn't be surprised if you love anything to do with advanced technology, sustainable living and are full of innovative new & exciting ideas. You have a knack for science, astronomy & have always asked the deep questions about Life, Earth and the Universe.

You may have a deep understanding about maths and be able to easily absorb new information. You have a amazingly fast intellect and are great at puzzles and holding new information.

On the outside it appears you can do anything, but you're actually quite sensitive to environments & sometimes find the human body hard to manage. Having such a high-vibe linear mind can sometimes make managing your emotions difficult. You may have had periods in your life when you felt quite isolated and unable to manage your strong emotions. People often just don't get you! You may appear aloof to them and struggle with small talk & social situations, but in truth you're a sensitive soul and really have a strong desire to connect to others.

I have drawn you a special and unique Light Language code to help you feel more comfortable in expressing your unique ideas and quirky personality. 

As you have a great ability to see patterns and understand the meanings of  mathematical shapes, a Light Language Soul Signature drawing would be a perfect tool for you. I hand draw your unique Divine energetic blueprint in Light Language, it's your Soul's energy in a picture form and has a profound effect on your physical body and bringing you back into alignment. You can find out more on the link below.

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