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Hi, I'm Sarah 

  • Cosmic Channel

  • Light Code Activator

  • Healer

  • Intuitive Artist

  • Galactic Guide & Mentor

(Crystal obsessed)

I support sensitive, spiritually aware people, like you, who believe it's possible to get their magic back!

The Starseeds journey of remembering our unique  light signature is full of life changing initiations, challenges and powerful energy upgrades. Your soul knew the difficulties ahead and still jumped in head first! 

You know the solution to reclaiming your wholeness has got to be as unique & individual as you are. Fortunately, the universe has been doing its thing and has guided you here. 

Sarah's galactic teachings and Light Language gifts will help you to reclaim your light and

authentic soul signature.

Welcome to
'The Soul Speaks'


How much longer will you put up with feeling disconnected from your Spirit?

Ready to take ownership of your human experience?

You know it's possible for you to:

  • Clearly hear messages from your Soul

  • Recognise and understand the signs and symbols you receive

  • Remember your Star Seed origins

  • Confidently express and share your unique spiritual gifts with the world

  • Take charge of your energy, aura and consciousness

  • Trust your intuition and inner guidance

  • Be completely free to grow beyond your limiting beliefs, energy distortions and blockages

  • Become empowered in all areas of your life

You may have even...

  • Read all the personal development books

  • Healed your wounded feminine and feel ready to receive

  • Taken accountability of your past

  • Forgiven the people that hurt you

  • Practised meditation on a regular basis

  • Filled up your gratitude journal

  • Begun to love yourself on most days

So, why hasn't it happened yet, what's missing?


Soul Signature Light Language Picture



Your Soul's divine blueprint

hand drawn in

Light Language Code.

Soul Signature pictures are a rare opportunity to view your souls pure essence channelled into a physical form.


Your own personal multidimensional healing device showing your divine blueprint, your past, present and future self all held within a beautifully hand drawn art piece.

A powerful and deeply moving experience that helps you feel understood and truly seen from a completely new perspective.

Once the picture is complete Sarah then sensitively translates every line, symbol and mark into meaning for you in the accompanied psychic reading.

A powerful, personal and rare piece of healing artwork you'll always want to treasure.

Price: £399

Light Language

1-2-1 ACTIVATION Session

Are you ready to activate your own light language codes? 

We all have the ability to channel healing light through our physical bodies. Some people are born with this ability while others have a inner knowing but haven't quite managed to find the key to activate their light codes yet.

Price: £110

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-13 at 11.37.07.jpeg

Light activation course


Activate your unique Light Language expression.

Awaken your connection to Star beings and source.

Discover your authentic light signature.

Learn the different forms of light language.

Explore the power of sacred geometry.

Learn about the crystalline light code connection.

Lessons & exercises to speak, sign, draw and move with Light Language.

Soul journeys to explore life in the galaxy.

 £99 'course only'

£298 V.I.P

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-13 at 11.36.42.jpeg

Light Language

1-2-1 Healing Session

Do you want to clear the negative energies that are holding you back in your spiritual ascension journey?  

 Light language is the fastest and most powerful way to do this.  We all hold onto old energies that won't be serving us anymore, but it's not always easy to spot them for ourselves as they just slowly blend in to our reality.

Price: £110

The Starseed activation

'VIP access'


Remember your Soul's connection to accelerate your growth and courageously share your magically unique self in the world.

Activate your highest potential with quantum technology light codes.

Price: £1117

Language of light
Healing artist

The Starseed Activation

'course only'

Welcome Star Beings into your life to realign to your Soul's full potential and expression. 

Fearlessly show up in the world with your unique gifts, a strong connection to Star Beings and your higher self.

Clearly hear your intuitive hunches and trust your path.

Price: £479


Here's a snippet of some comments from my clients.

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