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Light Language  Channel & 5D Master Healer

Are you feeling lost & dissatisfied with life, maybe missing the old you?
Light Language gives you a deep & fast acting energetic & frequency change that can transform your life. 
Experience personal liberation to fully express who you are and live the life you have always dreamed of.

Clip from Light Language Soul Signature Testimonial


Light Language

What is it?

Light Language is a powerful form of coded channeled energy that comes from our sun, the stars & galaxies . It can be spoken, sung or expressed via hand and body movements. The Light Language codes can also be drawn. Different frequencies can be tuned into and picked up from different star systems. 
It works extremely quickly and can clear any issue you're facing either physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

You're probably highly aware that the planet has been struggling over the past 20 years. We seem to have lost our way as a society. A call for help was put out and the lightworkers  have answered. 

Lightworkers, Starseeds and other advanced Souls flocked to Earth to assist at this time of great change.


Powerful quantum healing using channelled Light Language.

Light Language & 5D Energy Healing Session.

This is the most powerful healing treatment I offer. Developed over 25 years of study & experience.


Soul Signature Light Language Code Picture

Comes with a recorded psychic translation.

Experience your pure divine essence channeled in Light Language codes. A truly powerful, personal & unique piece of artwork.


Light Language code drawing for any ailment

Whatever is troubling you I have the perfect Light Language code for you. 

I have drawn Light Language codes for common issues. Choose between a personal code for your specific issue, or a print I have already made.

£39 for print

£79 for your unique issue. 


Video of Personal Light Language Transmission 

Listen to your sacred sound for deep Soul healing & rememberance

It's a very powerful and profound experience to hear the unique sound of your own Soul essence. It can help you to remember your divine self, know your life purpose and bring deep healing.


Personal Light Language Audio

Listen to the sound of your Soul

A specially recorded Light Language audio message to support a return to your divine energetic blueprint and assist your physical body to prepare for new energies to enter.


About Sarah

Intuitive, Empathic, Healer

Born as hightly sensitive and psychic I have felt energy my whole life. During my childhood I had many experiences with Spirits and Star beings that led me along the path of seeking spiritual knowledge.  

I have trained in many holistic and healing modalities and discovered I could naturally speak Light Language a few years ago. It has had a big effect on my own life and helped so many of my clients to have amazing breakthroughs.

Additionally, I support Souls to return to spirit as an End of Life Doula and I also love being creative and channel vibrational healing art. 


Here's a snippet of some comments from my clients. For the full versions just click the link below

"Since I have been working with Sarah’s drawing, things have sped up for me. I am receiving clearer intuitive guidance. Things seem to be falling into place perfectly. I am connecting with my guides much more easily too"

Mrs L Blount

"Sarah is a very special soul. She is so kind and intuitive and understood what I needed even more than I did, myself. Sarah made me feel completely comfortable"

H. Rose

 "Thank you Sarah for giving me the opportunity to see with my naked eyes who I am through the picture! "

Valentina Auliso 


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