Light Language  Channel & 5D Master Healer

Are you feeling lost & dissatisfied with life, maybe missing the old you?
Light Language gives you a deep & fast acting energetic & frequency change that you can transform your life. 
Experience personal liberation to fully express who you are and live the life you have always dreamed of.



What is it?

Light Language is a powerful form of coded channeled energy that comes from our sun, the stars & galaxies . It can be spoken, sung or expressed via hand and body movements. The Light Language codes can also be drawn. Different frequencies can be tuned into and picked up from different star systems. 
It works extremely quickly and can clear any issue your facing either physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.




Activate your highest potential with quantum technology light codes.

This is the most powerful healing treatment available. I will restore your current energy fields by clearing all blockages in your chakras, repairing the auric bodies, and removing any negative entity attachments and implants. I will then use high frequency light language to weave back your divine energy blueprint and secure this 5D vibration into your auric field. This type of deep healing is a rare and unique treatment which will leave you feeling completely restored and connected to your purpose .



Return to your divine blueprint

A truly powerful and personal light code drawing. While in a sacred space I tune into your pure Soul essence and channel your totally unique light code. This is the purest version of your earthly energy and will have a profound effect in your life. 

These drawings will assist you in remembering your life purpose, reawaken your innate skills and talents, plus helping you to connect with your spirit and star team. Placed in an area where you will regularly see the coded picture will enable the vibrational frequencies to soak into your subconcious mind in a powerful and deep way. 




Whatever is troubling you I have the perfect Light Language code for you. 

I have drawn Light Language codes for common issues. You can choose between a personal unique code for whatever is troubling you at the moment, or a pre-drawn print of a code I have already made. These includes codes for depression, physical healing, restorative sleep, anxiety, life purpose & spiritual activation. 

£19 for print

£79 for unique personal issue code. 


Listen to your Souls unique sound

I will tune into your personal Soul Signature and divine blueprint. I then will channel and record you a Video Light Language transmission message. The video will contain spoken plus a physical expression of Light Language.

Its a very powerful and profound experience to hear the sacred sound of your own Soul essence. It will have help you to remember your divine self, assist you in knowing your life purpose and bring deep healing.




Listen to the sound of your Soul

A specially recorded Light Language audio message to support a return to your divine energetic blueprint and assist your physical body to prepare for new energies to enter.



Intuitive, Empathic, Healer

Born as hightly sensitive and psychic I have felt energy my whole life. During my childhood i had many experiences with Spirits and Star beings that led me along the path of seeking spiritual knowledge.  

I have trained in many holistic and healing modalities and discovered I could naturally speak Light Language a few years ago. Its had a big effect on my own life and helped so many of my clients to have amazing break throughs.

Additionally I support Souls to return to spirit as a End of Life Doula and I also love being creative and channel vibrational healing art. 


Sarah created a light language soul drawing for me. I have to be honest , I had no idea what it was really, how it would look or how it could work for me. Immediately when I saw it, I felt a deep connection. It almost said a thousand words about my history with star beings and my place on this earth. It may seem far out there, but I’ve always felt that my soul comes from a place far away and that I didn’t really fit in here. My chart or drawing for me shows to me where I am here, and how I am connected to the stars, especially Sirius. Since I have been working with Sarah’s drawing, things have sped up for me. I am receiving clearer intuitive guidance. Things seem to be falling into place perfectly. I am connecting with my guides much more easily too when I am doing energy healing.
I can’t recommend Sarah’s Soul drawing enough, they are definitely worth working with and I can’t wait to see how things evolve for me . Thank you Sarah xxx

Mrs L Blount

Sarah's healing was a unique combination of modalities I'd (thought I'd) experienced before and some I hadnt (personal light language) all making for an incredibly powerful, nourishing and enjoyable time spent with her. She's sensitive and intuitive to a level I've never experienced before, and I've worked with a good few gifted healers, and she got my subtle energy moving in a way none had ever befre which felt great. Such an expansive session, while rooting me firmly downwards, which i much needed. I appreciated Sarah's summary of what was going on for me energetically, it was spot on and something i've really taken on board. Thank you Sarah, a truly wonderful and potent healing.

Mrs P Ludlow

Sarah is a very special soul. She is so kind and intuitive and understood what I needed even more than I did, myself. Sarah made me feel completely comfortable and completely heard and she explained what she was doing throughout the session. Afterwards, I felt clearer and more grounded and keen to return for further healing. If you are interested in energy healing I would thoroughly recommend Sarah, and her wonderful gifts.

Mrs H Rose

My name is Valentina and I had the privileged to receive from Sarah my Soul Signature over 2 months ago now. I cannot tell in words how much it’s been serving me in reminding me every day who I am, and why am I here for, especially under those very intense months, where we have been challenged as Human Beings. It has been so important for me to know that whenever I would wake up, I could take a look at my Soul Signature picture and find my inner peace, balance, and sense of purpose. It takes time to feel all the benefits of the picture, because it’s filled with so much information that each day I discover something new for my personal growth. Thank you Sarah for giving me the opportunity to see with my naked eyes who I am trough the picture! Valentina Auliso Brighton 18.05.20

Valentina Auliso
Soul Signature Drawing



Brighton, UK


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