Sarah Goodman

  • Light Language Channel.

  • Master Healer.

  • Vibrational Artist.

  • (Crystal obsessed) 

I support sensitive spiritually aware women, who believe it's possible to get their magic back!


You know the solution has got to be as unique & individual as you are.

Fortunately, the universe has been doing it's thing and has guided you here. 

Welcome to

'The Star Light Process'

Light Language

Light Language

Huh? What is it?

  • Channelled cosmic light containing powerful transformative codes and energy.

  • Activates the Light Body and aligns with the soul's original divine blueprint.

  • Transmutes energy distortions and blockages. 

  • Harnessed and directed to provide soul growth and evolution.

  • Expressed through spoken word, songs, movements or hand drawn.

  • Transmissions are felt within your heart and soul, your logical mind is not required.

  • Downloaded and originating from Galactic races and Star Beings. The range of frequencies transmitted is unlimited.

My Services

Language of light

Light Language & 5D Energy Healing Session.

Powerful quantum healing using channelled Light Language.

Activate your highest potential with quantum technology light codes.

Price: £111

Soul Signature Light Language Code Picture

(recorded psychic translation included)


What would your energy look like in Light Language code?

Experience your pure divine essence channeled in Light Language codes. A truly powerful, personal & unique piece of healing artwork.

Price: £179

Healing artist
Crystal healer
Energy healer


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