Hear more about the experiences and feelings that my clients felt after receiving healing from me. Read about the changes they saw in their personal life, plus the physical improvement and increased clarity over their challenges.

Light Language Testimonial

The owner of Brighton's Uniquely Organic EcoSpa and influencial Wellness business coach shares her experience of receiving a Light Language Soul Signauture picture. 

                     Kirsty Kianifard

Healing Testimonial Valentina Auliso
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My name is Valentina and I had the privileged to receive from Sarah my Soul Signature over 2 months ago now. I cannot tell in words how much it’s been serving me in reminding me every day who I am, and why am I here for, especially under those very intense months, where we have been challenged as Human Beings. It has been so important for me to know that whenever I would wake up, I could take a look at my Soul Signature picture and find my inner peace, balance, and sense of purpose. It takes time to feel all the benefits of the picture, because it’s filled with so much information that each day I discover something new for my personal growth. Thank you Sarah for giving me the opportunity to see with my naked eyes who I am through the picture!

                              Valentina Auliso                                                 

I have had various different types of healing from Sarah over the years. I've never met someone so grounded and yet so connected as Sarah. She is straightforward, solid and strong, yet incredibly in-tune to the higher realms and Spirits, that's quite a rare quality. Her ability to sense and work with energy is just magnificent. I always feel significantly more aligned and back on track after a session. Whenever I need guidance I ask Sarah and together with her Light Language and oracle cards I receive the right message for me. She has literally never failed to empower and support me. 

                  Holly Lyon-Hawk

Sarah created a light language soul drawing for me. I have to be honest , I had no idea what it was really, how it would look or how it could work for me. Immediately when I saw it, I felt a deep connection. It almost said a thousand words about my history with star beings and my place on this earth. It may seem far out there, but I’ve always felt that my soul comes from a place far away and that I didn’t really fit in here. My chart or drawing shows to me where I am here, and how I am connected to the stars, especially Sirius. Since I have been working with Sarah’s drawing, things have sped up for me. I am receiving clearer intuitive guidance. Things seem to be falling into place perfectly. I am connecting with my guides much more easily too when I am doing energy healing.
I can’t recommend Sarah’s Soul drawing enough, they are definitely worth working with and I can’t wait to see how things evolve for me . Thank you Sarah xxx

                                  Mrs L Blount

Elena Green, Kundalini Teacher & owner of Nine Oaks Retreats.

Sarah's healing was a unique combination of modalities I'd (thought ) experienced before and some I hadn't (personal light language) all making for an incredibly powerful, nourishing and enjoyable time spent with her. She's sensitive and intuitive to a level I've never experienced before, and I've worked with a good few gifted healers, and she got my subtle energy moving in a way none had ever before which felt great. Such an expansive session, while rooting me firmly downwards, which I much needed. I appreciated Sarah's summary of what was going on for me energetically, it was spot on and something  I've really taken on board. Thank you Sarah, a truly wonderful and potent healing.

                      Mrs P Ludlow

Sarah is a very special soul. She is so kind and intuitive and understood what I needed even more than I did myself. Sarah made me feel completely comfortable and completely heard and she explained what she was doing throughout the session. Afterwards, I felt clearer and more grounded and keen to return for further healing. If you are interested in energy healing I would thoroughly recommend Sarah, and her wonderful gifts.

                          Mrs H Rose

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