Light Language Healing Session

Light Language Healing Session


We can't come into full energetic alighment until we release our low vibrational energy created by our past trauma, pain and past life triggers.

Each session is unique and a mixture between energy work and spiritually guided coaching.

Sarah use's a mixture of healing modalities in her sessions. Restoring your current energy fields by clearing all blockages in the chakras, repairing the auric bodies, and removing any negative entity attachments and implants.

High frequency light language is then channelled to weave back your divine energy blueprint and secure this 5D vibration into your auric field. This type of healing is powerful energetic work which will leave you feeling completely restored and connected to your higher power. However it can take a few hours for your body to fully integrate the new energies. During this time you may feel tired and discombobulated. These feelings will pass within 24 hours, usually after a sleep. 

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